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Covid TV

2020 was a strange and challenging year. It was the year that we were locked in our homes due to the coronavirus. It was a presidential election year in the United States and it was a year of political and social unrest. 2020 was a year of racial injustice, conspiracy theories, and anxiety.  It was the year that I watched an inordinate amount of television news because that was what there was to do. I would like to say that the pandemic ended in January 2021, but vaccinating such a large population takes a long time and convincing people care for others proved even harder. 

 Being homebound away from friends was isolating and depressing at times. My family, however, received a few unexpected benefits from the pandemic. My son returned home from college so we had a year with him that we wouldn't have had otherwise. My daughter was happy to leave middle school early but felt sad about missing her first year of high school. Fortunately, they both adapted well to online learning and our lives continued on in our home-based work environment.

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